50 Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Every Event

21 Cute Umbrella

Cute Umbrella21. Cute Umbrella (via Under the Humble Moon)

22 Paper Plate Basket

Paper Plate Basket22. Paper Plate Basket: Paper plate Easter basket craft – simple to make and ever so pretty! (via Nurture Store)

23 Paper Plate Flowers

Paper Plate Flowers23. Paper Plate Flowers: Flowers from paper plates? Well why not, right? And very often one has a few plates left over which is the perfect excuse to make some festive flowers…..great for a birthday party or outdoor entertaining, or a fun gift topper…. (via Creative Jewish Mom)

24 Ladybug

Ladybug24. Ladybug: This is a fun summer crafts for kids using easy supplies like paper plates. Create a ladybug or other fun bug for the kids to play with in the garden. (via FaveCrafts)

25 Lion

Lion25. Lion: This paper plate lion is no scary beast. He is an easy kids crafts project but the mask is a teeny bit harder. (via Kool Kids Crafts)

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