50 Simple Paper Plate Crafts for Every Event

11 Fish Bowl Craft

Fish Bowl Craft11. Fish Bowl Craft: My favorite part of this whole adventure is the preschool crafts. This week we did a hand print octopus, a shaving cream starfish, an Eric Carle inspired fish picture, and more. My favorite craft ended up being one I hadn’t actually seen on Pinterest or a preschool site. I couldn’t believe I actually came up with an (via Daisy Cottage Designs)

12 Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer12. Flying Saucer: Boys and girls alike will love making this fun UFO from paper plates and craft jewels. This is a great project to chase away the cabin fever that comes with freezing winter temperatures! If you can remember, come July 2nd it will be UFO Day! So tuck this project away and save it for that Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

13 Paper Plate Piñata

Paper Plate Piñata13. Paper Plate Piñata: This paper plate piata is easy to make. If you’re having a party you can make lots of these in various sizes to hang around, it’s colorful and festive. (via Kids Activities Blog)

14 The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish14. The Rainbow Fish: Summer Reading Adventure: Week 2 – The Rainbow Fish. Fun Rainbow Fish book activities, crafts, and snack ideas! (via Mom on Timeout)

15 The Grouchy Ladybug

The Grouchy Ladybug15. The Grouchy Ladybug: Here’s an easy paper plate ladybug craft for kids to go along with Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug. The ladybug craft also includes a free printable children can use to respond to the story and attach to their paper plate ladybug! (via Buggy and Buddy)

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