50 Spooky and Delicious Halloween Food Ideas and Recipes

16 Skeleton Cupcakes

Skeleton Cupcakes16. Skeleton Cupcakes: Skeleton Cupcakes (via Cookies and Cups)

17 Monster Cupcakes

Monster Cupcakes17. Monster Cupcakes: These aren’t the scariest Halloween treat, but they were so cute I just couldn’t resist making them for our pumpkin carving party this past weekend. Cupcakes disguised as colorful furballs Read More (via Annie’s Eats)

18 Ghoulishly Glowing Cupcakes

Ghoulishly Glowing Cupcakes18. Ghoulishly Glowing Cupcakes: Hey Everyone!! I’m just gonna start out by saying, I am so stinking excited about this recipe! A couple of weeks ago I had a follower e-mail me about a frosting recipe that would glow in the dark. Or I should say almost glow in the dark.Specifically she needed a cupcake recipe that could glow (via Recipe Snobs)

19 Mini Monster Cheese Balls

Mini Monster Cheese Balls19. Mini Monster Cheese Balls: After every one of my parties, as I clean up all the left over food, I always notice that the cheese plate is completely empty. Now my husband may have something to do with that, but I do believe that no matter what occasion you are celebrating, cheese is always popular. For our Halloween parties…Read More (via Hungry Happenings)

20 Nacho Jack-o’-Lantern Cheese Ball

Nacho Jack-o'-Lantern Cheese Ball20. Nacho Jack-o’-Lantern Cheese Ball: Cooking Channel serves up this Nacho Jack-o’-Lantern Cheese Ball recipe plus many other recipes at CookingChannelTV.com (via Cooking Channel)

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