50 Spooky and Delicious Halloween Food Ideas and Recipes

41 Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops41. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops: Hi guys, I worked on a small project this past weekend and I think you all will Love them. What did I make?Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops! these Halloween cuties, would be perfect for any Halloween party, gathering, or to make with the kids, or to take to your childs classroom Halloween party. How To: These Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops (via Craft-O-Maniac)

42 Melted Witches

Melted Witches42. Melted Witches: Dear Halloween Costume Inventor of the Land: You are in big fat trouble, sir. Seriously. You are disgusting. Things have gotten to the point where I liken the adult section of the Halloween Costume Catalogs to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Only scary and sleazier (Also, I really want to talk about since when does body paint count as a bikini, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, but thats a whole other post). (via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)

43 Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake

Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake43. Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake: Halloween food ideas are a popular topic this season. If you want a fun dessert idea for your Halloween party, try this amazing Halloween Rainbow Party Bundt Cake Recipe. Orange, Purple, Black and chocolate all mix together into a fun, spooky dessert everyone will remember. They’ll think you really fussed, but it’s so easy and simple to make. I made a video to show you how simple this is and I (via Cooking with Sugar)

44 Randy Boggs Monster-in-the-Making Sandwich Cookies

Randy Boggs Monster-in-the-Making Sandwich Cookies44. Randy Boggs Monster-in-the-Making Sandwich Cookies: Who’d have thought that Mike and Sullys biggest competitor for the coveted post of Top Scarer at Monsters, Inc. was once shy and… (via Disney Family)

45 Chocolate Mice

Chocolate Mice45. Chocolate Mice: These icky-cute mice feature three kinds of chocolate: semisweet in the creamy, cakey center and white and bittersweet in the crisp chocolate shell. (via delish)

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