50 Terrific Mojito Recipes You Need To Try

21 Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito

Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito21. Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito: A short post today! There’s a lot going on. But it’s almost the weekend! Get it started right with my new favorite cocktail: This Strawberry Jalapeo Mojito is a fun cocktail that I dreamed up in the produce aisle at New Seasons. I happened to be standing right between the strawberries and jalapeños at the (via PDXfoodlove)

22 Raspberry Mint Mojito

Raspberry Mint Mojito22. Raspberry Mint Mojito (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

23 Sake Mojito

Sake Mojito23. Sake Mojito: Refreshing mojito with crushed mint and a splash of lime, perfect for that warm spring day in the backyard. (via Just One Cookbook)

24 Lemongrass Mojito

Lemongrass Mojito24. Lemongrass Mojito (via Season with Spice)

25 Dragon Fruit and Rambutan Mojito

Dragon Fruit and Rambutan Mojito25. Dragon Fruit and Rambutan Mojito (via Hot & Chilli)

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