40 Amazing Teepee DIY Projects For Kids

1 Fabric Teepee

Fabric Teepee1. Fabric Teepee (via Sawdust Girl)

2 Easily Create a Teepee

Easily Create a Teepee2. Easily Create a Teepee (via Vintage Junky)

3 Collapsible No Sew Teepee

Collapsible No Sew Teepee3. Collapsible No Sew Teepee: DIY Collapsible Glue Gun Teepee. See step-by-step instructions on how to make this durable, collapsible no sew teepee. Your kids will love this teepee! (via Mommy is Coo Coo)

4 Easy No Sew Teepee

Easy No Sew Teepee4. Easy No Sew Teepee (via Fawn Over Baby)

5 Wooden Poles Teepee

Wooden Poles Teepee5. Wooden Poles Teepee (via She’s So Fluffy)

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