50 Terrific Mojito Recipes You Need To Try

1 Classic Cuban Mojito

Classic Cuban Mojito1. Classic Cuban Mojito: Its not summer yet, but it sure feels like it here in Florida. Im not sure if there is a cocktail that better defines sunny days than Cubas classic mojito! The mint and the lime paired with rum and club soda are so refreshing. I can tell that I am going to love sipping on… Read More (via Fab Fatale)

2 Strawberry Mojitos – The Berry Bible

Strawberry Mojitos – The Berry Bible2. Strawberry Mojitos – The Berry Bible: Easy Mojito cocktail drink recipe with strawberries. This refreshing strawberry mojito cocktail recipe has fresh strawberries. Great rum cocktail that makes everyone happy (via White on Rice Couple)

3 Sugar Free Blackberry Mojito

Sugar Free Blackberry Mojito3. Sugar Free Blackberry Mojito: In the past week I have made and shot 3 drink recipes. If this isnt a clear indication of my current state of mind, then I dont know what is. A VERY tall glass of any form of alcoholic beverage is beyond necessary and IMO well-deserved. The book is done and ready to be released…Read More (via The Healthy Maven)

4 Lavender Mojito

Lavender Mojito4. Lavender Mojito: Its been one of those weeks! Sorry I haven’t posted too much, but Ive been doing really fun things like organizing our new apartment (since we moved two weeks ago), preparing our documents for taxes (worst day ever, but it has to get done!) and growing a baby! Its been a little crazy over here. The good…read more (via Sugar and Charm)

5 Orange Basil Mojito

Orange Basil Mojito5. Orange Basil Mojito: The giveaway is now closed. Congrats to winner, Laurie Williams. Thanks to all who entered! The events of last week put a bit of a hold on my current favorite cookbook showcase, but I’m back this week with a few more favorites to share! Today, I’m featuring my good friend, Loris, new cookbook, The Recipe…Read More (via Dine and Dish)

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