50 Things to DIY Rather than Buy for Your Wedding

21 Advent Wreath Candles

Advent Wreath Candles21. Advent Wreath Candles: The first step in creating my advent candles is to add a faux finish to new terra cotta pots reminiscent of the charming patina found on old clay pots. The supplies I used to add the faux finish are as… (via EAB Designs)

22 Ring Pillow

Ring Pillow22. Ring Pillow: Okay, I lied when I said that wedding posts were done for the week. For those of you who cringe at the sight of these, don’t worry, your regularly scheduled programming will return soon…. So. The ring pillow. Why are… (via elephantine)

23 Paper Lantern Light Columns

Paper Lantern Light Columns23. Paper Lantern Light Columns: Geometric “topiaries” inspired by the paper sculptures of Isamu Noguchi stand on both sides of this swimming pool. A few white plastic beach balls tied to weighted lines float in the pool like pearls cut loose from a giant strand (for safety, never cover the surface of a pool with a large number of balls). (via Martha Stewart)

24 Rope Words for Your Wedding Day

Rope Words for Your Wedding Day24. Rope Words for Your Wedding Day: Today we have another fun + super easy DIY for your wedding day from our DIY contributors, Jessica + Garett over at Wednesday. Take it away guys! Who would have thought using jute beyond the 1970s could be so cute! These rope words are a perfect way to label your seats at your wedding reception or holiday [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

25 Nautical Rope Vase

Nautical Rope Vase25. Nautical Rope Vase (via Bayside Bride)

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