50 Things to DIY Rather than Buy for Your Wedding

36 Book Planter with Succulents

Book Planter with Succulents36. Book Planter with Succulents: You may recognize these pretty book planters from this wedding I shared this morning. Wednesday was sweet enough to share the DIY for them with us too! They are super easy to make and last long after the wedding both which I love. ???? Materials needed: vintage books (you can find these super cheap [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

37 Mini Succulent Favor

Mini Succulent Favor37. Mini Succulent Favor: Hi, loves! Today we’re sharing one of our favorite wedding favors that you can make yourself: DIY succulent favors. These easy, eco-friendly wedding favors are crowd-pleasers and can double as a pl… (via Emmaline Bride)

38 Clay Table Numbers and Flags

Clay Table Numbers and Flags38. Clay Table Numbers and Flags: Hi all! I was cruising the aisles at Michaels on a mission to not buy anything except hot glue and I happened upon the clay aisle. I was amazed at the range of gorgeous shades they have now, some are even pearlescent. Truly stunning. I had to find something to make with this pretty little craft staple. So, I did. I cant wait to make matching flags and food tents for Henry’s birthday! (I promise this is the last goody-on-a-stick … (via The Sweetest Occasion)

39 Doily Cones

Doily Cones39. Doily Cones (via Heartmade)

40 Seersucker Linens

Seersucker Linens40. Seersucker Linens (via Bayside Bride)

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