50 Things to DIY Rather than Buy for Your Wedding

31 Apothecary Bottle Gift

Apothecary Bottle Gift31. Apothecary Bottle Gift: Our party calendar for May is packed with bridal showers stay tuned for an upcoming feature on real-life parties with loads of stealable inspiration! In the meantime, we found this gem to hold you over from our blogger friend Taryn, who runs (via Bridal Guide)

32 Hand Painted Tin Can Centerpiece

Hand Painted Tin Can Centerpiece32. Hand Painted Tin Can Centerpiece: We heard a rumor that tin cans are the new mason jars and we love the look! We love this DIY project to dress them up a bit so they are looking great in your wedding decor! It is so fun and easy and looks really fantastic in any rustic wedding setting. This looks best (via Rustic Wedding Chic)

33 Chicken Wire Seating Card Holder

Chicken Wire Seating Card Holder33. Chicken Wire Seating Card Holder (via Bridal Guide)

34 Vintage Wood Table Number

Vintage Wood Table Number34. Vintage Wood Table Number: This one is for all you lovelies planning a pretty rustic wedding. These cute vintage wood table numbers are super easy to make and add the perfect bit of chic rustic-ness to your tables. You could even use this idea for other design elements for your wedding too endless possibilities! Thanks again toour rad DIY contributors, [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

35 Rattan Ball Lights

Rattan Ball Lights35. Rattan Ball Lights (via Crafty Butt)

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