Driver Misusing Your Car? Stay in Charge with a GPS Tracking Device

In today’s time, the traffic conditions in the metro cities have shifted people’s preference from sitting behind the wheel to hiring a chauffeur. Whether it’s due to adverse road conditions or simply because you don’t want to stress out – there are a plenty of reasons why many of us prefer chauffeur-driven cars.

However, when you hire a chauffeur to drive you or your family members around, there will be safety concerns. If you want to stay in-charge of your car and avoid its misuse by the driver, install a smart GPS tracking device with dash cam in your vehicle. It will help you keep a check on the car even when you are miles away from it.

For anyone who’s constantly worried about their chauffeur-driven vehicle, here’s how a GPS tracker for car can help:

  1. Real-Time Alerts

A camera-based GPS tracker for your car is the next level of security solutions. It provides AI-based alerts that can help you reduce the misuse of your vehicle by a chauffeur and improve the security of your family members.

You will be informed when the chauffeur indulges in rash driving, over speeding, or extended halts. Some GPS trackers for the car can also alert you when an unfamiliar driver takes charge of the vehicle.

  1. Live- Location Tracking

When your loved ones are travelling with a chauffeur, you will always be concerned whether they have reached the destination safely or not. You also worry if the driver is taking them along the right route. In such a situation, you want to track their location even when you are miles away.

With a GPS tracking device for the car, you will be able to know their real-time location. You will stay informed of their exact whereabouts which is especially useful if the driver tries to cause any trouble.

  1. Geo-Fencing

Get a GPS tracker that offers the geofencing feature to stay in charge of your car. It sets a virtual boundary around areas like warehouses, schools, or markets by creating GPS points. Whenever your chauffeur goes out of the defined radius either for taking an unauthorized detour or an unusual route, the tracking device sends you an alert. You can ensure the safety of your loved ones with the geofencing feature in your GPS tracking device.

All-Round Car Security Solution

Hiring a chauffeur offers many advantages. With it, you also have to deal with a unique set of challenges to ensure they are not misusing your vehicle. To avoid this, it is almost mandatory to get a GPS tracker for the car to ensure the safety of your vehicle and loved ones.

One such reliable and trustworthy Dash Cam cum GPS tracker for your car is the KENT CamEye. It offers more features then mentioned above. It has an exclusive 2-way call feature that lets you stay in contact with the chauffeur from the comfort of your home/office. If the chauffeur doesn’t answer your call at any time, KENT CamEye allows you to call him through the app when his phone is out of battery.

Along with that, it has a dash cam that records video from both inside and outside the car. The recorded trip videos are stored on cloud for 90 days. If there are any attempts by the chauffeur to block the visual or unplug the device, the tracker will send out alerts to your phone.

It is handy and easy to install. You can contact for a free demo and know about the features in a better way. So, buy the latest GPS tracker for your car from its online store.

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