Things to Consider While Buying a Bicycle Cover

The benefits associated with cycling could be endless just like the countless country roads you would be exploring. Just in the case, you are thinking in terms of taking up cycling but are still having some second thoughts; rest assured cycling is certainly the best fitness option. Exercise including cycling could enhance your looks and make your skin look radiant and forever glowing. As per, all forms of exercise helps in preventing cell death. As per a skin, the study was undertaken by the reputed McMaster University in Canada, it was revealed that the participants who undertook just a couple of cycling sessions every week for around three months demonstrated before and after enhancements in skin samples. Your skin could look decades younger if you could indulge in cycling twice every week.

With cycling promising to provide such amazing benefits, it is quite natural to have multiple bikes in every household. Multiple bicycles could pose major storage issues and concerns. Often you are compelled to give one or more of your bicycles outside exposed to the harsh weather elements due to lack of storage space inside the house or the garage. It could be highly frustrating if you do not get the right bicycle cover that could withstand the harsh elements of weather such as persistent exposure to the sun’s UV rays, rain, wind, snow. If a bicycle is left outdoors without a proper cover, it would start looking degraded and worn-out within just a few months. You need to choose a top-quality bike cover that won’t tear, rip, become brittle or go flying. So it is important to keep in mind certain things while buying bicycle covers.

Examine Different Types of Bicycle Covers

Bicycle covers come in a host of designs and serve diverse purposes. Let’s explore the different covers and the varied situations they could be best used.

  • Bike covers for bicycles stored outdoors for an extended-term.
  • Covers for bicycles kept inside the house.
  • Covers for bikes that are stored inside your garage.
  • Cover for a bike being stored when very much in transit.

Check the Denier

A top-quality bike cover must be all over 600D polyester. This would be making sure that your bike cover would be lasting for long and there would be no reason to go shopping every year looking for a new bike cover.

Get the Proper Size

You could get a custom-tailored bike cover to stand out from the rest and for a perfectly-fitted cover. However, if you insist on buying one of the readily available bike covers, you must make sure that the cover is large enough to cover your entire bike including the wheels. Most manufacturers of bike covers love to scrimp on the materials used so the cover does not properly cover the entire bicycle. It is always better to opt for a larger size that allows some flexibility.

Reflective Material

Reflective material may not be mandatory but could be a good feature to look for if you are storing your bike at the deck or backyard which is not well-lit. If the cover flaunts certain reflective strips on its body or top handles, it would be great for keeping things more visible and safer.


Keep the above things in mind while purchasing a bike cover. You must make sure that your expensive bicycle is kept well-protected from the harsh elements so that it looks fresh and new for a long time.


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