Here Are 5 Job Opportunities Every Graduate Should Know About

Young people graduating from college are now entering one of the most challenging job markets compared to the past few years. As unemployment is rising, many companies have started to freeze recruitment.

Experience from the previous recessions tells us that the graduates are less likely to get work and start in the lower-paying occupations that they might have accepted after graduation.

The time around the labour market at the graduates’ point will likely be substantially more complicated than in the early 2000s. As such, any graduate should know about the various job opportunities available today.

Here are five job opportunities that every graduate should know about to build a promising, exciting and rewarding career.

1. Digital Marketing

Here Are 5 Job Opportunities Every Graduate Should Know About

Digital marketing has entered the business world and has changed the marketing perspective to a huge extent. In todays’ time, almost every organisation needs a digital marketer to maximise its profits.

Resultantly, there is a massive demand in the field of digital marketing. It has emerged as one of the safest and trusted routes for graduates to get lucrative opportunities, and graduates who like and enjoy working on the web would love this field.

A career in digital marketing entails devising useful and effective social media strategies for businesses, advertising a company’s services online via blogs and web pages, and working as a consultant to help launch campaigns.

Some of the most in-demand marketing job roles are SEO and SEM, Google Ads expert, social media manager, content marketing manager, and many others.

Graduates can apply for a short course in digital marketing. In the digital marketing course, you would be taught various tools and techniques that a professional digital marketer requires to promote their clients’ business online.

2. Management

For a rewarding career in the corporate sector, an MBA is the best path to take. With a management degree, you’ll be involved in improving the performance of other employees, reviewing budgets, and managing important tasks on a daily basis.

Management is not nearly the same area of work as it was in the early 2000s. What makes it a particularly good career move is its versatility – you can apply for management roles across various industries, including business, medicine, education, etc.

Moreover, management courses can help polish a person’s personality and thought process and train them to tackle any situation. This course can make an individual job and industry-ready, making it one of the best career options for freshers.

Graduates can also do a post-graduate diploma in management if they are interested in business. A PGDM can give a person an edge over others in the tough competitive job market. The courses duration also varies from 1 year to 2 years.

3. Machine Learning

The steady development in technology marks the change in how we interact with our computers. Machine learning has the potential to reduce the incidence of human intervention in many different tasks. It will also make decrease the chances of error in the process.

Some real-life implications of machine learning and development are already in front of you, in the form of chatbots, search engine results, and video surveillance.

The promising field offers ample opportunities for freshers – and a little knowledge and skills in the subject can result in a very bright and successful career.

Data scientists with a broad knowledge of ML and a passion for innovative thinking can really advance in this field. If you have experience in web development, mathematics and statistics, you can find many jobs in machine learning and development in Delhi.

Of course, if you are a fresher, a short course of a few months would give you the necessary knowledge in ML. Look for reliable data science programs online and seek internships that offer relevant research experience for better career opportunities in the future.

4. Mobile App Development

App development is undoubtedly a smart career choice. If freshers are interested in the field, it is assured that they can thrive and earn a lot of money in this area.

The number of apps available today on phones and tablets is proof of the field spreading and expanding day by day. There is an app for almost small and big needs of people.

With the help of some mobile app development courses and skills, you can enter the field without any problem. These skills will be mobile user interface designs, backend computing, and cross-platform app development.

These are very simple and essential things to understand in the field. Once the concepts are clear, you are ready to have a fulfilling and rewarding development.

Here Are 5 Job Opportunities Every Graduate Should Know About

5. Civil Services 

“Ask not what your country can do for you…” is a phrase many of us ponder frequently. If you want to do something for the country, consider taking up a government job. The civil services industry is one of the most lucrative fields these days.

As a civil servant, you get to directly make changes to government policies and interact with politicians in the country. This way, you can generate the best opportunities for other people and themselves and bring new benefits to the whole country.

The starting salary may not be as great as some of the other job opportunities listed here, but you will notice a significant increase in pay as you gain more experience.

With multiple stories of students studying long hours and still being unable to crack the civil services examinations, you may feel anxious or disheartened to try preparing for it at all. However, with a robust study plan and the right guidance, it is possible to clear the exam.

The Bottom Line

There are millions of opportunities that are emerging today. But still, people have a tough time getting jobs. It seems like a never-ending vicious loop to search for opportunities, apply for multiple jobs, offer back-to-back interviews, wait for acceptance and get denied.

Online job portals like Apna bridge the gap between employees and employers, allowing freshers to start with a decent job and gain experience with time.

It is only because of a lack of knowledge and presentation. If you know how to present yourselves to the companies with confidence, nothing will stop you from building a fantastic future.

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