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30 Ridiculously Awesome Furniture You Wish to Own

1 Why Knot Bench 1. Why Knot Bench (via KinoGuerin) 2 Croc Chair 2. Croc Chair (via Gobble) 3 Microsuede Foam Bean Bag Sofa 3. Microsuede Foam Bean Bag Sofa (via Hayneedle) 4 Modular...


35 Easy Ways to Fashionably Revamp Your Old Jeans

1 Printed Denim 1. Printed Denim (via swellmayde) 2 Bleach Tie Dye Jeans 2. Bleach Tie Dye Jeans (via Garotas Modernas) 3 Distressed Skinny Jeans 3. Distressed Skinny Jeans: Yesterday I talked a bit...


40 Cool Products to Easily Declutter Your Home

1 Organizers and Tray 1. Organizers and Tray: Durable, modular bins in various sizes are designed to customize and organize the fridge or pantry. Space-saving, view-through bins with integrated handles and feet stack for...