Raising Sheep: Is it Worth it?

There is nothing more peaceful than seeing sheep grazing on a spring day. Mainly used for their wool, sheep can also be great companions because they are known to be gentle and intelligent.  But is it worth the effort? Are sheep easy to care for? Here are a few things you should consider beforehand.

Why should you raise sheep?

Firstly, you would be surprised to hear that sheep make good friends! They’re gentle, peaceful and adorable. They’re also quite low-maintenance and respond well to human contact, they tend to be quite docile and social which make them perfect to interact with other animals and small children.

Secondly, a sheep can easily produce between two to 30 pounds of wool a year so if you’re thinking of opening a business, you should definitely consider keeping sheep. Indeed, wool is used for clothing but also for insulation for houses.

If you have a big garden or some land, having sheep could be a total life saver. In fact, sheep are totally known for their grazing abilities, they’re much better at it than cows, horses and even goats!

 How do you care for sheep?

Caring for sheep doesn’t have to be difficult. However, you should invest in a sheep house to keep your animals dry and safe. Offering a shelter for your animal can not only improve the animal’s welfare, but also reduces stress in the flock. Premier Polytunnels offer great sheep housing no matter the size of your flock.

Once you have your flock, you need to make sure to always rotate your sheep between pastures for grazing but also to make sure that they always have fresh water and salt blocks around. Salt blocks are important because sheep need iodized salt for their health.

But, is it really worth it?

Yes, it is! Sheep are great, not only because they’re nice animals but also because they produce all kinds of products, making them ideal for farming proposes. Sheep’s milk, for example, is great to make cheese, the likes of Roquefort or pecorino.

They’re low-maintenance and can make your life easier by grazing your land. They’re perfect for hobby farms and are also great pets.

However, it’s important to note that sheep are quite fragile against predators. There are a few things you can do to protect them…  You could choose to get a livestock guardian dog, raised to protect livestock from foxes, wolves and other predators, they can eradicate predation and help reduce stress in your flock. Fencing is also very important; it needs to be electrified and robust to keep predators at bay.

If you have the time, land and resources, you should consider raising sheep. They’re great and are often forgotten when it comes to keeping farm animals.

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