45 Ways to Reuse and Restyle Your Old Clothes

1 Fringe Vest

Fringe Vest1. Fringe Vest: Finally off to Weekend 2 of Coachella! The bag are packed (it’s true – see the Festival Packing List). Sunglasse… (via Swell Blog)

2 Lace Insert T-shirt

Lace Insert T-shirt2. Lace Insert T-shirt: DIY sewing tutorial shows you how to add lace inserts to an old t shirt. (via Gina Michele)

3 Long Skirt to Slip Dress

Long Skirt to Slip Dress3. Long Skirt to Slip Dress (via One of Each)

4 Add Fringe

Add Fringe4. Add Fringe (via Free Series)

5 Chiffon Bottom Shirt Refashion

Chiffon Bottom Shirt Refashion5. Chiffon Bottom Shirt Refashion: So it has been a while since I have done a refashion for my Wardrobe Revamp and Refashion. I am just getting over pneumonia- who gets pneumonia in the middle of summer?! Apparently I do. I could blame the pneumonia on the fact that I haven’t done a refashion in a while which would definitely (via Grey Luster Girl)

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