45 Ways to Reuse and Restyle Your Old Clothes

41 Square Circle Dress

Square Circle Dress41. Square Circle Dress (via Make It & Love It)

42 Gathered Dress

Gathered Dress42. Gathered Dress: This is what I made from a big t-shirt and an old plaid men’s shirt. This is where I got my inspiration for this t-shirt and plaid shirt redo. (Scroll down for the how to.) Ruffles and gathers! This page… (via Craftside)

43 Skirt Pocket Tutorial

Skirt Pocket Tutorial43. Skirt Pocket Tutorial: Add pockets to almost any skirt with this skirt pocket tutorial! I’ve included a printable pocket pattern pieces in 3 sizes. Easy skirt pocket instructions. (via Radiant Home Studio)

44 Tally Marks T-Shirt and Shoes

Tally Marks T-Shirt and Shoes44. Tally Marks T-Shirt and Shoes: Today, I’m sharing an easy project for Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boys Fashionable Type series. Its a series all about typography in fashion, home decor, and more. Cool right? I decided to use not so typical typography (say that five times fast). Tally marks! Nine of them for my nine year old who is growing up way too fast. Its simple, graphic, bold, but not (via Delia Creates)

45 Fringe T-shirt

Fringe T-shirt45. Fringe T-shirt (via Cheap Chic Obsession)

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