45 Ways to Reuse and Restyle Your Old Clothes

36 Open Back Sweater

Open Back Sweater36. Open Back Sweater: DIY this sexy open back sweater with big pins like Liz Hurley’s ’90s Versace dress or add bows or buckles to fit your style. (via ..love Maegan)

37 Swim Cover-Ups

Swim Cover-Ups37. Swim Cover-Ups (via Make It & Love It)

38 Summer Flower Tee

Summer Flower Tee38. Summer Flower Tee (via Ruffles & Stuff)

39 No Sew Triangle Tee-Shirt

No Sew Triangle Tee-Shirt39. No Sew Triangle Tee-Shirt (via Wobisobi)

40 Cage Dress

Cage Dress40. Cage Dress: How to turn a little black dress into a cage dress. Step-by-step instructions and photographs included. (via The Felted Fox)

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