50 Genius Ways to Reuse Your Empty Egg Carton Boxes

1 Egg Carton Roses

Egg Carton Roses1. Egg Carton Roses (via Rosi Jo’)

2 Egg Carton Heart

Egg Carton Heart2. Egg Carton Heart: Remember we did egg carton grapes sometime ago? Well, today we are going to do something similar, today we are making egg carton heart ???? Egg carton heart You’ll need 12 egg carton cups Paint them … (via Crafty-Crafted.com)

3 Egg Carton Cherry Blossom Branch

Egg Carton Cherry Blossom Branch3. Egg Carton Cherry Blossom Branch: Outside the front window of our previous home stood and big cherry blossom tree. Actually, it may have been an apple blossom, I’m not much of an arborist after all. But what I do know is that the tree in the spring engulfed my front window with hundreds of beautiful flowers that completely covered the Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

4 Egg Carton Ant

Egg Carton Ant4. Egg Carton Ant: Let’s make a giANT today ???? Told you not to throw those egg cartons away. They can come pretty handy for crafts ???? Egg carton ant Cut an egg carton Paint it black or red Paste the eyes and pipe cle… (via Crafty-Crafted.com)

5 Egg Carton Bugs

Egg Carton Bugs5. Egg Carton Bugs: Don’t throw out your leftover egg cartons — transform them into creative decorations, games, and more. (via Parents)

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