11 Ways to Have Curly Hair Without Heat

1 Pin Curls

Pin Curls1. Pin Curls: How to Make No Heat Pin Curls is my absolute favorite summer curling method because it’s easy on the hair. My thirteen year old daughter started doing on her own hair and I quickly got her doing mine. You’ll need bobby pins, a spray bottle with water to spritz your hair, and a curl enhancer. For more hair tutorials and tips and tricks, you’ll want to browse here. (via Seven Clown Circus)

2 Headband Curls

Headband Curls2. Headband Curls: One of the Interior Designers in Sunny state of California. Discover the latest interior design trends as I share projects, home decorating blogs, family room decorating ideas, interior design styles and fashion inspiration from the best interior design blogs. (via Michaela Noelle Designs)

3 Bandana Waves

Bandana Waves3. Bandana Waves (via Rapunzel’s Resource)

4 Beach Waves

Beach Waves4. Beach Waves (via Song of Style)

5 Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves5. Beachy Waves (via Pretty Gossip)

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