11 Ways to Have Curly Hair Without Heat

6 Clip Curls

Clip Curls6. Clip Curls: TUTORIAL TUESDAY! Here’s the step-by-step for this week’s heat-less curl hairstyle inspired by @lady_dianna: 1) towel dry hair 2) begin by taking a (via heidimariegarrett)

7 Gorgeous Soft Waves

Gorgeous Soft Waves7. Gorgeous Soft Waves (via Pretty Gossip)

8 Cocoon Curls

Cocoon Curls8. Cocoon Curls: no heat, no heat curls, cocoon curls, cocoon, rag curls, sponge rollers, foam rollers, curlers, cute girls hairstyles, cute, girls, hairstyle, locks, hairstyles, hairstyle, cute girls hairstyles, cute, pretty, beautiful, easy, wedding, prom, fashion, tutorial, Frisuren, coiffures, peinados, , , (via Locks and Locks of Hairstyles)

9 Curls from Socks

Curls from Socks9. Curls from Socks: Making the world a prettier place ~ One head of hair at a time! (via Babes in Hairland)

10 Knots Curls

Knots Curls10. Knots Curls: TUTORIAL TUESDAY! Here’s the step-by-step for @lady_dianna’s HEAT-LESS wavy hair tutorial using knots: 1) starting with damp hair, (this can be done (via heidimariegarrett)

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