17 Wood Pallet Table DIY Ideas

11 Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Pallet Wood Coffee Table11. Pallet Wood Coffee Table (via beachbumlivin)

12 Pallet Desk

Pallet Desk12. Pallet Desk: Here’s an easy way to repurpose and reuse old pallets. Add a pallet top to a table base for an easy desk project. Make a pallet desk from pallet wood. (via This Tlewood Farms)

13 Succulent Pallet Table

Succulent Pallet Table13. Succulent Pallet Table: Can you believe that our latest DIY project was once just a couple of junky pallets and some scrappy table legs? Crazy…if I didn’t have photos, I wouldn’t believe it myself. Not too long ago, w… (via Far Out Flora)

14 Rustic Pallet Table

Rustic Pallet Table14. Rustic Pallet Table (via Wonder Forest)

15 Pallet Dining Table

Pallet Dining Table15. Pallet Dining Table: Follow ScrapHackers 10-step illustrated tutorial on how to make a great looking, cheap dining table out of large pallet and 5 IKEA VIKA Lerberg trestles. Give it a go – the result will be great and you’ll have loads of fun in the process! (via Scraphacker)

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