22 DIY Ideas For Recycling Old Sweaters

1 Homemade Dog Bed

Homemade Dog Bed1. Homemade Dog Bed: Looking for a free craft project to make for you pet? Try this homemade dog bed at WomansDay.com. (via Woman’s Day)

2 Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Hot Water Bottle Cozy2. Hot Water Bottle Cozy (via Resweater)

3 Laptop Cover

Laptop Cover3. Laptop Cover (via Artsy Ants)

4 Sweater Chair Cover

Sweater Chair Cover4. Sweater Chair Cover: We have a favorite old dad sweater that we love, but with a decades-old stain on the front, it doesn’t get worn very much. Yet, we can’t quite bring ourselves to throw it away. So we we were thrilled when we spotted this project (and even more excited when we realized it would take about 5 minutes!) on how to repurpose old sweaters into cable knit chair covers: cozy! (via Apartment Therapy)

5 Wool Insoles

Wool Insoles5. Wool Insoles (via Maya Made)

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