21 Broken Pots Turned into Brilliant Fairy Garden DIY Ideas

6 Little Garden Pot

Little Garden Pot6. Little Garden Pot: I found this arrangement in a little Central California town called Los Olivos in the Martini Valley. I’m just kidding about the Martini Valley part. I don’t even know if such a place exists. I walked out of my yoga… (via The Gardeners Anonymous Blog)

7 Mini Garden of Succulents

Mini Garden of Succulents7. Mini Garden of Succulents (via Deavita)

8 Large Pot Fairy Garden

Large Pot Fairy Garden8. Large Pot Fairy Garden (via debby weighs in)

9 Recycling broken Pottery

Recycling broken Pottery9. Recycling broken Pottery: Jan M’s discussion on Hometalk. Recycling broken Pottery – Waste not want not. Isn’t this a cute display for making use of broken pottery#Bestof2012 (via Hometalk)

10 Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden10. Fairy Garden: I saw a kit for a fairy garden in a big box story and was blown away. They were offering a cheap plastic terracotta colored pot base with cheap fairy… (via Instructables)

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