21 Broken Pots Turned into Brilliant Fairy Garden DIY Ideas

16 Broken Pot Gnome Garden

Broken Pot Gnome Garden16. Broken Pot Gnome Garden (via The Garden Diaries)

17 Broken Pot Layered Fairy Garden

Broken Pot Layered Fairy Garden17. Broken Pot Layered Fairy Garden (via A Cup of Herbal Blessing)

18 Living Miniature Garden

Living Miniature Garden18. Living Miniature Garden: How to make a landscaped miniature or fairy garden in a broken plant pot. (via About.com)

19 Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden19. Miniature Garden: Terrariums and miniature gardens are popular among young people. See how you can engage young gardeners by thinking small. (via MrBrownThumb)

20 Creative Fairy Garden

Creative Fairy Garden20. Creative Fairy Garden (via ABC das Suculentas)

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