22 DIY Ideas For Recycling Old Sweaters

11 Upcycled Sweater Wreath

Upcycled Sweater Wreath11. Upcycled Sweater Wreath: I recently posted a tutorial on how to use old sweaters to make cute vases. This time I took an old sweater and used it to decorate a wreath. I cut the sleeves off the sweater and cut open the seam. Then I wrapped it around a straw wreath base and glued it on with (via Crafty Little Gnome)

12 Sweater Sleeve Cozie

Sweater Sleeve Cozie12. Sweater Sleeve Cozie: Fall is coming- and I cant wait for weekend afternoons, snuggling under blankets and sipping some hot apple cider. I am so in a fall frame of mind! I recently cleared out my closet of some old sweaters that I am absolutely kidding myself if I think I am ever going to fit in again, (via Sweet C’s Designs)

13 Endless Scarf

Endless Scarf13. Endless Scarf (via b.organic)

14 Sweater Bracelet

Sweater Bracelet14. Sweater Bracelet: I thought it was time to make something out of my old sweaters and these $1 spot bracelets from Target. Wouldnt a warm, cozy bracelet be fun this time of year? I thought so. I decided to use a sleeve so I could save the body of the sweater for something else. Then I cut (via Organize & Decorate Everything)

15 Sweater Bangle

Sweater Bangle15. Sweater Bangle (via A Bit of Sunshine)

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