25 DIY Coaster Ideas

16 Natural Branch Coasters

Natural Branch Coasters16. Natural Branch Coasters: Making a set of coasters from a fallen tree will allow the beauty of that wood to live on and tell the story in its rings. This project goes perfectly with the Branch Coat Rack I made a few months ago. It was a sad day when the largest, oldest tree on my street was hacked down and unceremoniously chucked … (via Garden Therapy)

17 Teapot Trivet and Coasters

Teapot Trivet and Coasters17. Teapot Trivet and Coasters (via refabulous)

18 Nautical Sisal Rope Coasters

Nautical Sisal Rope Coasters18. Nautical Sisal Rope Coasters: I’m sharing a fun and easy way to bring some nautical decor into your home today. DIY Nautical Sisal Rope Coasters. If you’ve been around here awhile then you know by now that I have a love fornautical decor. It makes appearances all throughout my house. (via Making Home Base)

19 Bead Coasters

Bead Coasters19. Bead Coasters (via Tuts+)

20 Ink Coasters

Ink Coasters20. Ink Coasters: For the past few weeks I feel like the weather’s been deciding between rainy and warm or cold and sunny, but this weekend spring finally gave us the best of both worlds, warm and sunny. I decided to make the most of it by finding things to do outside, going to Raleigh first friday to (via My Good Morning)

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