25 Easy Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts, Just Might Prompt You to Chop It All Off

1 Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical1. Asymmetrical (via Lousousou)

2 Styling A Pixie Haircut

Styling A Pixie Haircut2. Styling A Pixie Haircut: fashion blogs | sone moriarty | how to make | magazine | style | personal | new zealand mummy blogger | school (via Polli)

3 The Piked Pixie

The Piked Pixie3. The Piked Pixie (via Tessa Netting)

4 Super Short Styling

Super Short Styling4. Super Short Styling: If you’ve never chopped your hair off, you’ve probably dreamed about it. (Probably a frequent dream for anyone with high-maintanence hair!) Some of you lovely ladies have actually taken that leap, leaving braids and buns in the past and this tutorial was for made YOU! You may recognize this look from our Vidal Sassoon voting [] (via The Beauty Department)

5 Retro Waves

Retro Waves5. Retro Waves (via whippycake)

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