50 Coolest Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

1 Cork Dresser

Cork Dresser1. Cork Dresser (via Decorating Obsessed)

2 Wine Cork Sculpture

Wine Cork Sculpture2. Wine Cork Sculpture: How to build a sculpture from wine corks. (via Lil Blue Boo)

3 Place Card Holders

Place Card Holders3. Place Card Holders (via Hope Studios)

4 Cork Wall Art

Cork Wall Art4. Cork Wall Art (via Project Rowhouse)

5 Knot Bottle Stopper

Knot Bottle Stopper5. Knot Bottle Stopper: This post is sponsored by The Chew. Tune in, weekdays 1e & 12p/c on ABC. Topping off bottles with awesome corks is an easy way to make a bar look celebratory. I found these simple sailor knot corks last week and was reminded how easy it is to make awesome things to put on bottles….Read More (via A Subtle Revelry)

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