30 Creative DIY Craft Project Ideas Using Zipper

11 Zipper Dragonfly

Zipper Dragonfly11. Zipper Dragonfly: These dragonflies are so simple to make, in fact we did them in about 4 minutes or so (minus prep time) at Scrapfest. Many people asked how to create them, i put together this video for Maya Road. Maya Road… (via Help [ME] Ronda)

12 Zipper Butterfly

Zipper Butterfly12. Zipper Butterfly: Roadies, we are back to show you some new stuff from Maya Road! Today we are going to concentrate on some of our fabulous Trims and Trinkets in lots of fun colors! Are you ready? Remember to leave a comment… (via Maya Road Company Blog)

13 Zipper Flower Brooch, Necklace and Earrings

Zipper Flower Brooch, Necklace and Earrings13. Zipper Flower Brooch, Necklace and Earrings: LEARN How to MAKE YOUR OWN zipper jewelry. Free jewelry making tutorial, with video + ideas for designs + jewelry making supplies. (via Fine Craft Guild)

14 Vintage Zipper Decor

Vintage Zipper Decor14. Vintage Zipper Decor: Amalia Versaci uses vintage zippers to create accessories and home decor, including these vases and containers. The colors of the zippers against the rough (via Make)

15 Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch

Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch15. Zip-It-Up Pencil Pouch: Free pattern and tutorial on how to sew a zip it up pencil pouch from ribbon and zipper. (via Craft Passion)

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