30 Genius Hacks that Will Make ANY Dog Owner’s Life Easier

1 Coffee Table and Dog Bed

Coffee Table and Dog Bed1. Coffee Table and Dog Bed: 2 coffee table LACK, Size : 35x22x18 2 GURLI Cushion cover, red, 20×20 2 ULLKAKTUS Cushion, white, 20×20 Photo credit for LACK coffee table & pillows: IKEA.com Gift idea: Personalized Lantern By gel Basket Turned Into Earring Holder (via IKEA Hackers)

2 Repurposed TV Stand Pet Bed

Repurposed TV Stand Pet Bed2. Repurposed TV Stand Pet Bed: How to do a chevron table top pattern with repurposed shutter slats on an old console tv stand. Some may call it a herringbone table top. (via My Repurposed Life)

3 Modern Dog Bed

Modern Dog Bed3. Modern Dog Bed: Materials: Dvala fitted sheet, Kallax Shelving unit, Sultan Lade slatted bed base, Vyssa Slummer Mattress for small bed After an exhausting search for a modern dog bed that was reasonably priced, I decided to see if anything at Ikea would meet my need. I was so please at how easy it was to do (under (via IKEA Hackers)

4 Do it right when trimming Dog Nails

Do it right when trimming Dog Nails4. Do it right when trimming Dog Nails: Trimming dog nails is fairly easy, especially when the color of the nail is white, since the quick (blood supply) can be seen easily….Read more (via Dog Grooming Tutorial)

5 How to Stop the Bleeding if You Trim Your Dog’s Toenails Too Short

How to Stop the Bleeding if You Trim Your Dog's Toenails Too Short5. How to Stop the Bleeding if You Trim Your Dog’s Toenails Too Short: Trimming your dog’s toenails is an important part of routine grooming, not only to make him look good, but to prevent nails from breaking and becoming infected. Extra long nails make dogs walk differently and can lead to skeletal damage in his paws. Cutting nails too short cuts into the quick with live blood vessels and produces bleeding. Several… (via eHow)

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