30 Creative DIY Craft Project Ideas Using Zipper

21 Zipper Flower Cocktail Ring

Zipper Flower Cocktail Ring21. Zipper Flower Cocktail Ring: Hello crafters! Welcome to another month of Mind On Metal. Today, it is all about the zipper; zipper fashion has been pretty hot on the scene for over a year now (if not more) and the designs still keep getting better. You see them all over fashion magazines, the runways… (via Cartwheels in My Mind)

22 Zipper Rings

Zipper Rings22. Zipper Rings (via That’s So Cuegly)

23 Zipper Lamp

Zipper Lamp23. Zipper Lamp: The zipper lamp is ideal for setting just the right mood in a variety of settings. You always have just as much light as you need. One can assert that… (via Instructables)

24 Zipper Cuff

Zipper Cuff24. Zipper Cuff (via Wax Eloquent)

25 Zipper Necklaces

Zipper Necklaces25. Zipper Necklaces (via Mich L. In L.A.)

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