30 Creative DIY Craft Project Ideas Using Zipper

26 Zipper Christmas Tree

Zipper Christmas Tree26. Zipper Christmas Tree (via I Sew, Do You?)

27 Continuous Zipper Purse

Continuous Zipper Purse27. Continuous Zipper Purse: Continuous zip purses *now with tutorial* – PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS – Ok, I went back to work today from the Easter break and one of the girls in the office had a handbag that she purchased in USA at Christmas made from (via Craftster)

28 Simple Zipper Bracelet

Simple Zipper Bracelet28. Simple Zipper Bracelet (via Craft and Fun)

29 Zipper Bracelet with Chains

Zipper Bracelet with Chains29. Zipper Bracelet with Chains (via iLoveToCreate Blog)

30 Self-Zipping Coin Purse

Self-Zipping Coin Purse30. Self-Zipping Coin Purse (via How About Orange)

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