30 Genius Tricks that Will Make Every Mom Look Awesomely Smart

16 Ransom Box

Ransom Box16. Ransom Box: Stashed under an end table in my living room is a box. My box. All its contents belong to me. In it are things I have collected from off the floor. I used to harp and nag at my kids to pick up (via 4men1lady)

17 Chore Dice

Chore Dice17. Chore Dice: We have been needing some chore organization around here and after some brainstorming I came up with using chore blocks or dice! We have one block for our Monday cleaning day. Each boy gets to roll to see which chore he helps me with that day. They can mop, wipe down the table, clean the mirror, vacuum their own room {keep in mind that they are (via delia creates)

18 Media Minutes

Media Minutes18. Media Minutes (via Organizing Made Fun)

19 The Time-Out Clock

The Time-Out Clock19. The Time-Out Clock: Glitter bottles so calming my son calls them hush bottles. Great as mind jars, for sensory exploration, for helping kids to calm down, timeout timers, etc. (via In Lieu of Preschool)

20 Easy- On Potty Training Pants

Easy- On Potty Training Pants20. Easy- On Potty Training Pants: Yes, its here! (WARNING! Picture heavy post ahead!) This tutorial is for size 3T potty training pants with 2 seams that go front to back, instead of a seam at each side- this allows for easy addition of padding in the middle section (which really is a must if you don’t want to be cleaning (via Home Sweet Homebodies)

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