30 Genius Tricks that Will Make Every Mom Look Awesomely Smart

11 Child Proof Light Switch Cover

Child Proof Light Switch Cover11. Child Proof Light Switch Cover: Our son is two now which means that potty training is in full swing. That means night time trips to the potty and getting out of bed more often. I have been having the fun experience of watching him try to go back to bed through the monitor and the other night I saw the light come on. I thought NOOOOOOO and ran in there. That began a light battle that lasted for several (via Child at Heart)

12 Toilet Paper Roll Saver

Toilet Paper Roll Saver12. Toilet Paper Roll Saver: Toilet Paper Roll Saver, childproofing, TP, kids, diy (via Home Sweet Homebodies)

13 Simple Chore Chart and Household Management

Simple Chore Chart and Household Management13. Simple Chore Chart and Household Management: Looking for a simple chore chart and management system? This one has ben a winner for our family! (via Not Consumed)

14 Sweeping Square

Sweeping Square14. Sweeping Square (via Make Happy)

15 After School Chore Chart

After School Chore Chart15. After School Chore Chart: Dry erase After School Checklist for Kids. (via Tips from a Typical Mom)

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