30 Ingenious DIY Solutions to Hide Your Pet’s Litter Box

1 Creative Cat Center

Creative Cat Center1. Creative Cat Center: In this post Denise features her creative cat center cabinet which she made from reclaimed porch boards. This cabinet is not only functional but super stylish. (via Chaotically Creative Co.)

2 Litter Boxes Hidden Inside Bookcase

Litter Boxes Hidden Inside Bookcase2. Litter Boxes Hidden Inside Bookcase: Ask any cat owner with an ounce of decor-savvy what is amongst their top “pet peeves” and litter boxes will likely be high up there (right next to surprise phantom hairballs). Most litter boxes aren’t much too easy on the eyes, and some are just crazy contraptions that forgo any apparent forethought about decor-friendliness (we did roundup our favorite cat litter boxes not that long ago, so all hope is not lost). But how fantastic is this recent addition to our Apartment Therapy LA Flickr Pool submitted by DIY-savvy aud-o-matic, that invisibly integrates their pet’s needs with the rest of their interior decor… (via Apartment Therapy)

3 Repainted Shelf Litter Box Hideaway

Repainted Shelf Litter Box Hideaway3. Repainted Shelf Litter Box Hideaway (via Unusually Lovely)

4 Built-in, Self Venting Cat Box

Built-in, Self Venting Cat Box4. Built-in, Self Venting Cat Box: This is a self venting cat box I built. It does have a bathroom fan inline but, that turned out to be overkill. I tapped into the vent stack for the tub while I was remodeling the bathroom. Also did all the tile and everything else, really. The box emits no smell, the hallway down one side traps loose liter before the cats jump out and keeps the dog from getting treats. It was a blast to make. (via Denver_80211)

5 Filing Cabinet Litter Box

Filing Cabinet Litter Box5. Filing Cabinet Litter Box (via Olive and Love)

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