30 Ingenious DIY Solutions to Hide Your Pet’s Litter Box

11 Hide-a-way Kitty Litter Box

Hide-a-way Kitty Litter Box11. Hide-a-way Kitty Litter Box (via The Blissful Bee)

12 Chic Damask Litter Box Hack

Chic Damask Litter Box Hack12. Chic Damask Litter Box Hack: Lenna made very elegant stealthy litter boxes — and they serve double duty as entrance benches. Read her post to learn what else she made to entertain two spoiled cats. (via @offbeathome)

13 Custom Gold and Black Box

Custom Gold and Black Box13. Custom Gold and Black Box: Moderncat is the original source for the coolest modern cat products available – cat trees, litter boxes, beds, toys and more (via Modern Cat)

14 Tucked Under The Stairs

Tucked Under The Stairs14. Tucked Under The Stairs: Most of the time we have our cats outside, but with the kittens being so little, they’re currently house cats. A major problem with indoor cats is the litter (via Owlhaven)

15 Bedroom Litter Box

Bedroom Litter Box15. Bedroom Litter Box: Materials: Stolmen Chest with 2 drawers Description: We share our bedroom with the cats litter box, which is the only suitable space in our apartment. I came across this site a few months ago and was inspired to make a hack that would hide the box and allow us to use the space above it. (via IKEA Hackers)

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