30 Ingenious DIY Solutions to Hide Your Pet’s Litter Box

16 Kitty Litter Box

Kitty Litter Box16. Kitty Litter Box (via A Design Story)

17 Litter Box Hider

Litter Box Hider17. Litter Box Hider: Sariis at it again! Last time she showed us her awesome DIY cat tower, that was based on Colin’s Kitty Castle. This time she used her signature green and white to create a stylish and functional litter box hider with a good old IKEA Besta shelf unit. By cutting two holes in the shelf one in (via Haus Panther)

18 Hide in Plain Sight Cat Litter Box

Hide in Plain Sight Cat Litter Box18. Hide in Plain Sight Cat Litter Box: Build a cat litter box that can be placed anywhere in your home. Once you have the concept down, you’ll need to go shopping for materials. We found the kind of storage cabinet we wanted for this project, took measurements at the store, then went hunting for a plastic container to serve as a litter tray. An inverted wire storage drawer served as an entrance/exit deck. We also needed four 1″ L-brackets. (via Kiribub)

19 Pretty Litter Boxes

Pretty Litter Boxes19. Pretty Litter Boxes: If you think your litter box is unsightly, imagine if you ran a cat sanctuary that cares for up to 50 cats at a time! Ewwwww city! Cats Crossing is a non-profit sanctuary for special-needs cats in Virginia that is always looking for new litter box solutions. I mean, when you have 12+ litter boxes, (via The Happy Litterbox)

20 Litter Box Cabinet

Litter Box Cabinet20. Litter Box Cabinet:

Turn any small cabinet into a stylish way to hide your litter box, with a convenient removable top and cat door.… (via Buildipedia)

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