30 New Creative Ways to Display Photos

6 Canvas Photos

Canvas Photos6. Canvas Photos: This was a tight budget project that gave me an expensive look of DIY canvas photos for less then $15 for the whole project! (That’s for five canvas photos!) (via The Budget Decorator)

7 Custom Art Canvas

Custom Art Canvas7. Custom Art Canvas: Making art is as necessary as water for me. Getting my hands dirty and creating something from scratch brings life to my soul. Am I alone in this? […] (via Rachael Grace Photography)

8 Wood & Wire Photo Display

Wood & Wire Photo Display8. Wood & Wire Photo Display: Come see how to make a beautiful & simple DIY wood and wire art display (via Liz Marie Blog)

9 Photo Clipboards

Photo Clipboards9. Photo Clipboards: Looking for a unique way to display your favorite photos? Learn how to make these DIY Photo Clipboards to show off those gorgeous shots! You can also group them together to create a fun gallery wall! I’m checking off another item on my kitchen makeover list! Yay!! So far Ive finished a big, rustic chalkboard, (via Love Grows Wild)

10 Photo Clock

Photo Clock10. Photo Clock: Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3 Lets be honest: you’re only excited to look at a clock when you’re waiting for it signal the end of a long day. (via Photojojo)

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