30 New Creative Ways to Display Photos

21 Fallen Tree Branch Photo Display

Fallen Tree Branch Photo Display21. Fallen Tree Branch Photo Display: Well, what do you think? Kinda random? Kinda cool? Don’t mind my half-dressed kid. He’s still in that – “I’m potty trained but need to be able to pull down my pants ASAP so I don’t have an accident” phase :)Okay, so how I did this. It’s not an original idea, I saw something similar done several (via Brethurston)

22 Photo in Glass Bottles

Photo in Glass Bottles22. Photo in Glass Bottles: Display Photos in Bottles | Use multiple vintage bottles in varying sizes and/or colors, with an assortment of your favorite photos tucked inside. How to directions. By Terry John Woods, Yankee Magazine (via Yankee)

23 Chalkboard Frame

Chalkboard Frame23. Chalkboard Frame (via Simply Modern Mom)

24 Wall Picture Collage

Wall Picture Collage24. Wall Picture Collage: Follow this tutorial to make your own Wall Picture Collage. (via Bits of Everything)

25 Cardboard Ring Frame

Cardboard Ring Frame25. Cardboard Ring Frame: Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2 Silver dollars, vinyl LPs, Oreos — So many of the best things in life are circle-shaped. Isn’t it about time your picture (via Photojojo)

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