30 New Creative Ways to Display Photos

16 Tree Branch Display

Tree Branch Display16. Tree Branch Display: When Brenda Biondo saw our post on a salvaged ladder being used as a pot rack earlier this week, she thought we’d like her DIY photo display system. She was right. (via Apartment Therapy)

17 Embroidery Hoop Picture Display

Embroidery Hoop Picture Display17. Embroidery Hoop Picture Display: I have been neglecting my children.No, no, they get food and shelter and all that good stuff.Neglecting them in the art of displaying their pictures in frames kind of way.I am really good at taking pictures.I am really good at processing pi (via Natalme)

18 Homemade Photo Ladder

Homemade Photo Ladder18. Homemade Photo Ladder (via Creative Ambitions)

19 Wooden Clips Photo Display

Wooden Clips Photo Display19. Wooden Clips Photo Display (via The House of Smiths)

20 Vintage Clothes Pin Frame

Vintage Clothes Pin Frame20. Vintage Clothes Pin Frame: This is an easy DIY vintage frame project. All you need is an old frame, photographs, ribbon, lace, or string, a stapler, and clothes pins. (via Look Between the Lines)

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