30 New Creative Ways to Display Photos

11 Recycled Door Photo Gallery

Recycled Door Photo Gallery11. Recycled Door Photo Gallery: We have been in our new house for over a year and up until now, our entry way wall has been a lonely, barren white wall. Its the first thing you see when you step inside our house. So, I (via Photog Mommie)

12 Picture Mobile

Picture Mobile12. Picture Mobile (via Hey Wanderer)

13 Stylish Vintage Photo Frame

Stylish Vintage Photo Frame13. Stylish Vintage Photo Frame (via The Talia Christine Files)

14 Easy Photo Wall

Easy Photo Wall14. Easy Photo Wall: DIY: Cheap and Easy Photo Wall (via The Creative Mama)

15 Baby Crib Springs Photo Wall

Baby Crib Springs Photo Wall15. Baby Crib Springs Photo Wall: Are you looking for creative ways to decorate your walls and display numerous photos without making it look like your crazy great-aunts hallway? Now you c (via PetaPixel)

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