30 Super Awesome Yarn DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials That are No Knit

21 Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Pom Pom Wall Hanging21. Pom Pom Wall Hanging: For those of us that don’t have the knack for woven versions, let me introduce you to this cute little DIY pom pom wall hang instead! (via Sugar and Cloth)

22 Yarn Bomb Tee Pee

Yarn Bomb Tee Pee22. Yarn Bomb Tee Pee (via Natalie Miller)

23 Tee Pee Tea Light Holder

Tee Pee Tea Light Holder23. Tee Pee Tea Light Holder: Grab yourself some sticks, yarn and cardboard, glue gun and make this wonderful Yarn Craft Teepee,Tea Light Holder. They are beautiful as decorations, table lights, festival accessories or just to play with. Please (via zingzingtree)

24 Embroidered Baskets

Embroidered Baskets24. Embroidered Baskets: Transform thrift store baskets into a modern work of art with a little yarn and creativity! (via Design Improvised)

25 Circular Yarn Wall Hanging

Circular Yarn Wall Hanging25. Circular Yarn Wall Hanging: I created a yarn wall hanging on a lazy Sunday. It only took about three hours to have a new large-scale piece of art for my home! (via Plaster and Disaster)

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