30 Super Awesome Yarn DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials That are No Knit

26 Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé Plant Hanger26. Macramé Plant Hanger: Learn how to make your own macrame plant hanger with our easy step-by-step tutorial. Ideal for brightening up indoor spaces or prettifying the front porch.. (via Mollie Makes)

27 Yarn Garland

Yarn Garland27. Yarn Garland: I love a good garland as much as the next blogger, so when I found myself needing to add some color to my studio, I immediately thought of something involving macrame. I didn’t have tons of white rope sitting around, so I grabbed some yarn from my weaving stash, and one hour later had a much more cheerful studio! The best thing about this project is how it adds a… (via A Beautiful Mess)

28 Cross Stitch Office Supplies

Cross Stitch Office Supplies28. Cross Stitch Office Supplies: Do you guys ever feel like there’s a bit of a shortage when it comes to chic office supplies? Of course, there are the classic lucite options, but if I’m …read more (via Camille Styles)

29 Yarn Letters

Yarn Letters29. Yarn Letters: Spell out your LOVE with these simple Love Yarn Letters! (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

30 Woven Yarn Bangles

Woven Yarn Bangles30. Woven Yarn Bangles (via My Poppet Makes)

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