30 Super Awesome Yarn DIY Project Ideas and Tutorials That are No Knit

16 Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles

Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles16. Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles (via Craft and Creativity)

17 One Hour DIY Scarf

One Hour DIY Scarf17. One Hour DIY Scarf: Knitter and non-knitter alike, get inspired by easy no-knit yarn projects to bust your stash. (via EcoSalon)

18 Modern Yarn Hanging

Modern Yarn Hanging18. Modern Yarn Hanging: How to make yarn art wall decor. (via Homey Oh My!)

19 Tassel Basket

Tassel Basket19. Tassel Basket: With a toddler who has accumulated an excessive collection of toys, a family who has an obsession with cashmere throw blankets, and a DIYer (that would be me)who purchase sway too much yarn, baskets are essential in our family. So when designing our living room with One Kings Lane, stylist (via HonestlyWTF)

20 Style a Fishtail Braid

Style a Fishtail Braid20. Style a Fishtail Braid: We love the look of fishtail braids! This trend is incredibly easy to style, even on your own hair. Kinsey and I photographed the steps so you can try it out for yourself… Here’s how to style a fishtail braid… 1. Part your hair into two even sections. 2. Take a small strand of hair (preferably from underneath so that it wraps around the entire section) from one section and… (via A Beautiful Mess)

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