30 Super Cute Contact Paper DIY Project Tutorials to Revamp Your Home

16 Pimp a Mirror

Pimp a Mirror16. Pimp a Mirror: 1 project, 2 ways. In 2 different parts of the world…READY FOR ROUND 2?! A few months ago, Australian blogger Belinda Graham and I worked on these round (via This Little street)

17 Faux Marble Table

Faux Marble Table17. Faux Marble Table (via Syl and Sam)

18 Mint Desk Makeover

Mint Desk Makeover18. Mint Desk Makeover: Come see how this old wood desk got a fun mint-colored makeover! Click for details at LoveGrowsWild (via Love Grows Wild)

19 Drawer Liners

Drawer Liners19. Drawer Liners (via IHeart Organizing)

20 Stainless Steel Makeover

Stainless Steel Makeover20. Stainless Steel Makeover: An easy and inexpensive way to transform colored appliances into stainless steel lookalikes. Get the easy diy stainless steel instructions! (via Julie Blanner)

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