31 Brilliant DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

16 Inspired Dreamlight

Inspired Dreamlight16. Inspired Dreamlight: Follow this tutorial to create your own knock-off Dreamlight as seen at Urban Outfitters. (via bre pea)

17 Plastic Bottle Party Light

Plastic Bottle Party Light17. Plastic Bottle Party Light: Plastic trash is a serious problem. It is a fact. Every year more plastic bottles are manufactured than recycled, and it takes 5 to 6 decades for most (via {easy}Paper Crafts)

18 Colorful Garden DIY Lanterns

Colorful Garden DIY Lanterns18. Colorful Garden DIY Lanterns: Making your own colorful garden DIY lanterns has never been easier: just use mason jars and candles, plus a special something for color. (via Hello Natural)

19 Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Hanging Mason Jar Lights19. Hanging Mason Jar Lights (via 17 Apart)

20 Mason Jar Solar Light

Mason Jar Solar Light20. Mason Jar Solar Light: A simple tutorial for creating DIY solar lights with vintage mason jars. (via Finding Home)

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