35 Awesome DIY Home Decor Project Ideas and Tutorials

1 Twig Votives

Twig Votives1. Twig Votives: DIY Twig Votive Candle Holders (via Freutcake)

2 Revamped Vintage Tool Box

Revamped Vintage Tool Box2. Revamped Vintage Tool Box: A few weeks ago, Joel and I went to our favorite flea market in Long Beach. That day was especially interesting, the Swiss Cross seemed to be a huge theme. From antique first aide kits to huge flag (via Hello Lidy)

3 Succulent Ampersand Wall Art

Succulent Ampersand Wall Art3. Succulent Ampersand Wall Art (via wild mae)

4 Braided Mirror

Braided Mirror4. Braided Mirror: I recently bought a few small mirrors at a thrift store for $2 a piece. They had a couple of marks on them, but were otherwise in pretty decent condition. They were too plain to just hang straight on the wall though. So I started playing around with a couple of ideas, and landed on this one for a braided mirror upgrade. It’s a really inexpensive way to dress up a plain mirror and can be removed easily, if you decide you want your plain jane mirror back. Here’s how to make your own. Materials: small mirrors in various… (via Curbly)

5 Concrete Planters

Concrete Planters5. Concrete Planters (via Learning Creating Living)

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