35 Awesome DIY Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

6 Rock Candy Geode

Rock Candy Geode6. Rock Candy Geode (via How To Cook That)

7 Edible Earth’s Core

Edible Earth’s Core7. Edible Earth’s Core: We have been very slowly working our way through our Geography A to Z series at our house. This month we focused on the letter E and did and edible Earths Core Project. IT was a favorite in the series so far since it way a delicious treat that we all enjoyed eating! The book (via Teach Beside Me)

8 Edible Candle

Edible Candle8. Edible Candle (via sciencewithtoys)

9 Homemade Marshmallow Chemistry

Homemade Marshmallow Chemistry9. Homemade Marshmallow Chemistry: Make your own marshmallows and mix up some very interesting third grade chemistry lessons while you’re at it! (via Education.com)

10 Edible Water Beads

Edible Water Beads10. Edible Water Beads (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

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