35 Awesome DIY Kitchen Science Experiments You Can Eat

16 Frogs in Winter

Frogs in Winter16. Frogs in Winter: Help your child create a tasty treat that will demonstrate exactly how frogs survive a freezing season. (via Education.com)

17 Gummy Bear Experiment

Gummy Bear Experiment17. Gummy Bear Experiment: Do you know about the growing gummy bear experiment? What happens when you soak a gummy bear in water, juice, vinegar, and more? Kids love it! (via TinkerLab)

18 Homemade Cotton Candy

Homemade Cotton Candy18. Homemade Cotton Candy (via Edible Experiments)

19 Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy19. Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy (via My Little Cottage in the Making)

20 Kool-Aid Slime

Kool-Aid Slime20. Kool-Aid Slime (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

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